The Perfect Itinerary for Malaysia and Singapore

So you want to visit Malaysia, but where to start?  There are so many areas, and the two monsoon seasons could really put a damper on a poorly timed trip.  The Northeast Monsoon can affect Malaysia east of the peninsula from October to March, while the Southwest Monsoon affects Peninsular Malaysia from April to September.  If you are planning a visit during the Northeast time frame, we have the perfect itinerary for your trip.

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6 Reasons to Put Malaysia On Your Travel List

It’s no secret, Malaysia is probably not on your top 10 travel list.  It’s ok, it certainly wasn’t on ours.  The country is often overlooked for its much visited neighbors, Thailand and Bali.  But this country is one of the most travel friendly in the world, and has the complete package to whet anyone’s appetite for a taste of Asia.

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Travel Security: 4 Concepts You Need to Understand to Stay Safe Abroad

Have you recently considered how secure you are as a traveler?  You keep a money belt to hide valuables, but what about other types of security like cyber and payment?  Modern travel safety goes way beyond the physical aspects from the past.  This post discusses the full range of security necessary for minimizing risk abroad, including locational, physical, payment and cyber. Read more

Gorging on Travel – Savoring Culture and Cost

Food preparation in your own kitchen is easy, but what about cooking abroad while in guesthouses, hostels or B&Bs?  As full time travelers, we are constantly challenged with shopping, preparing and storing meals.  We love to cook and spent lots of time in the kitchen back home, so finding ways to incorporate cooking into travel is an important part of our experience.  This can reduce expenses but also assist with healthy eating on the road.  When balanced properly with local eating, there is still room to appreciate the cultural aspects of food.  This post details our top tips for cooking while traveling, including when it does not make financial sense.
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The Most Beautiful Place in the World? Nusa Penida

Could this be the most beautiful place in the world?  We had plenty of time to consider the question while sitting in a rural hospital on Nusa Penida, Indonesia, an island neighboring Bali.  That question and what to name our wrecked scooter.  Renting a bike gave us freedom to explore the steep rocky cliffs and tropical beaches, but a flash afternoon rainstorm had pushed the worn brakes and bald tires beyond their limits.  After the scooter slid out around a corner, the thoughts of crystal blue water, giant manta rays and lush paradise were joined with a new one.  What to name our not so trusty steed.  Widow Maker, Die Cycle…the sheer fact that we could consider a name meant that these wouldn’t do.  And so we hobbled along on the barely functional Maim Mobile, searching for a hospital where we could ponder whether this was in fact, the most beautiful place in the world. Read more

Pre-Arrival Prep for International Travel

Life has only three guarantees.  Death, taxes and forgetting to look up tipping customs.  No matter what, there is always a list of things we neglect to consider for travel until we land and have no internet access.  We have traveled in almost 60 countries on 6 continents, perfected minimalist packing, nailed our understanding of travel insurance and left no stone unturned when preparing for our long term travel.  But for some reason, there isn’t a flight where one of us doesn’t suddenly ask “are we supposed to tip at restaurants?” or “is Uber here?”.  It is so reliable that we made a checklist to ensure we don’t miss anything.  This is a quick reference of obscure and essential items to know before entering a new country. Read more

The Best of East Australia: Mountains, Beaches and Reef

Eastern Australia is the perfect road trip destination with attractions conveniently spaced along the coast.  With amazing cities offering culinary delights, incredible beaches for relaxation, majestic mountains and world class scuba diving, there is something for everyone.  This is one of the most clean, friendly and efficient countries we have had the pleasure of visiting during our travels through 17 countries in 2017.

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