Coffee and Hiking in Jardín, The Most Lovable Town in Colombia

You get used to seeing sombrero topped men draped in colorful woolen ponchos on the streets of Jardín.  They are typically relaxing on a corner sipping a locally grown coffee and enjoying a few hours away from the farm.  We spent several days in this mountain village during our month in Colombia, and it was amongst our favorite places to visit in the country. Read more

Buenaventura, Colombia’s Uncharted Food Paradise Is More Than Meets the Eye

Walking into the best food market in Colombia is an experience all on its own.  Tucked deep inside a temporary storage yard, the dozens of garage stall kitchens would be all but invisible if it weren’t for the half dozen ladies waving their menus at each passerby.  Entering the makeshift food court without one of these kitchen owners alongside means an almost guaranteed squabble as to who claims the newest customer.  The small concrete courtyard is filled with plastic tables and surrounded by mini restaurants, each identifiable solely by their stall number.  We had followed a young lady to stall 92, and were now being served a bubbling cauldron brimming with cazuela del marisco.  Resembling a thick seafood étouffée, this dish displays the Afro-Colombian influences which make up the rich culture in this port city.  This was like discovering New Orleans without the spice or the price. Read more

We Give Our Hearts to the Bikers Killed in Kyrgyzstan

Last Sunday, two incredibly inspiring people were killed in Kyrgyzstan as they rode their bikes around the world.  Two people who decided to live their lives to the fullest and experience what most people may never even dream of.  In their own words, “life is short and the world is big and we want to make the most out of our youth and good health before they’re gone”. Read more

The Only Complete Guide to Hiking in El Cocuy National Park, Colombia

El Cocuy National Park (Parque El Cocuy) is a world class, off track wilderness reserve in the Colombian Andes.  With the influx of tourism being relatively recent, some of the most incredible destinations do not attract many visitors, meaning that now is the perfect time for your trip.  This park is far away from everything, which is what makes it so wonderful.  This is the only complete guide to hiking in El Cocuy National Park available.

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Bogota Self Guided Street Photography and Walking Tour

Bogota is one of the best cities in the world for street photography, rivaling even the wonders in China.  Everything is interesting.  Street art covers the walls, street performers and unique artists are on every corner, men even gather to trade emeralds out of napkins.  It is a fascinating city, and nowhere more so than in the La Candelaria neighborhood.  We explored these historic streets in Bogota to find the best route for your own free walking photo tour. Read more

Japan, You Stole Our Hearts and Our Wallet

When we arrived in Japan on a balmy summer day, we were prepared to step into a quirky futuristic wonderland, where cartoon characters roam the street, social order is near perfection, space age trains run faster than a speeding bullet, and temples are made from sushi.  Fortunately for us, the country we uncovered was exactly nearly what we had been dreaming of.  The following seven reasons capture why travel in this fantasy world is so special.

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4.5 Epic Japanese Day Hikes: A Hiking Guide to Japan’s Wilderness

Wild Japan is amazingly gorgeous.  The expansive wilderness is everywhere, ranging from lush green forests to rugged volcanic peaks.  But the best part?  The country’s national parks are relatively unknown to foreigners.  These are not the National Parks in the US, where people travel from all over the world.  But the beauty of Japan outside of the cities is among the most epic, pristine and unique.  This is a hiking destination that should be on even the most avid hikers and nature lovers trekking list.

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