How to Minimalist Pack Any Jacket

Easy minimalist packing method for any raincoat or thin jacket.  Your coat does not need to have a packable pocket or bag for this to work.  Use this method with your minimalist packing list for long term travel.

Step 1:

Lay your jacket flat with zippers closed.  Try and smooth out folds and lumps.


Step 2:

Cross the arms so they bend at the shoulders and lay flat.


Step 3:

Fold in with vertical lines from the shoulders to the waist, using the neck as the starting point.  Ensure that the sleeves stay in place.  This should create one long rectangle.


Step 4:

Starting at the waist, tightly roll the jacket towards the hood.  Make sure that the vertical folds you have made stay in place while you roll.


Step 5:

The final step is to tuck the jacket into its hood.  When your roll gets to the base of the hood, pull the sides around so it is self contained.


Your final result is a thin tightly packed tube which can easily be packed into any backpack or suitcase.


Need other help preparing for travel?  We have a ton of useful information to help you get ready for your next trip:

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