Travel Security: 4 Concepts You Need to Understand to Stay Safe Abroad

Have you recently considered how secure you are as a traveler?  You keep a money belt to hide valuables and always lock your hotel room, but what about other types of security?  Modern travel safety goes way beyond the physical aspects from the past.  This post discusses the full range of security necessary for minimizing risk abroad, including locational, physical, payment and cyber.

Gorging on Travel – Savoring Culture and Cost

Food preparation in your own kitchen is easy, but what about cooking abroad while in guesthouses, hostels or bed and breakfasts?  As full time travelers, we are constantly challenged with shopping, preparing and storing meals.  We love to cook and spent lots of time in the kitchen back home, so finding ways to incorporate cooking into travel is an important part of our experience.  This can reduce expenses but also assist with healthy eating on the road.  When balanced properly with local eating, there is still room to appreciate the cultural aspects of food.  This post details our top tips for cooking while traveling, including when it does not make financial sense.

Pre-Arrival Prep for International Travel

Life has only three guarantees.  Death, taxes and forgetting to look up tipping customs.  No matter what, there is always a list of things we neglect to consider for travel until we land and have no internet access.  We have traveled in almost 60 countries on 6 continents, perfected minimalist packing, nailed our understanding of travel insurance and left no stone unturned when preparing for our long term travel.  But for some reason, there isn’t a flight where one of us doesn’t suddenly ask “are we supposed to tip at restaurants?” or “is Uber here?”.  It is so reliable that we made a checklist to ensure we don’t miss anything.  This is a quick reference of obscure and essential items necessary know before entering a new country.

Conquering Travel Insurance

Determining which travel insurance to purchase can be daunting.  The medical and insurance lingo can make your head spin.  And why do we need travel insurance anyway?

Essential Mobile Technology for World Travel

It was another one of those mornings.  We woke up on the other side of the world again, which has been happening every day for a long time.  Over 20 countries just in the last 7 months of full time travel.  It is a humbling experience, but also forces you to learn at an amazing rate.  Least of which are all of the helpful tools to assist with a trip of this magnitude.  This post details the most helpful mobile technology for planning to be and living as an international traveler.

Minimalist Backpack Contents for Longterm Travel: Never Plane Check Your Bag Again

So you’ve decided to travel around the world.  You’re looking at a pro/con matchup and realize that the pro team is looking a lot stronger this season.  If you are like us, the risk of looking back and regretting the missed experiences in life is too great not to take this path.  Now you are working through the pre-trip timeline and need to start putting together a packing list.  Favorite high heels: check.  Hoodie footie pajamas: check.  Selfie stick…  Hold on, you’re gonna need to check out our list before you start.

Preparing to Take a Career Break: Round the World Planning Timeline

Ok admit it, everyone considered dropping everything and hopping on a plane to travel around the world. Even if you said you hadn’t, no one would believe you. But that is the easy part. I mean, it really wouldn’t be very tough if you didn’t own anything, didn’t have a home, car, bills, pets, and retirement goals. Oh yea, or a job…