A Month in Thailand: 9 Places to Add to Your Next Trip

Thailand, one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia, has a charm that draws people from all corners of the globe.  The food is famous worldwide and the country conjures images of mystical temples, jungles and stunning beaches.  But even with its relatively small size, there is plenty to do and see, making it difficult to narrow down which places to explore.  This post shares the 9 areas we visited during our peak season month in Thailand, and includes plenty of pictures to inspire your own trip.

Into The Jungle: A Safari in Khao Yai, Thailand

In a country with millions of yearly visitors, is it possible to escape the tourist trail and get back to nature?  This questions was nagging us as we toured around Thailand.  This country had been amongst the most anticipated as we trekked around the world on our non-stop search for adventure.  But with such a desired destination comes a well traveled route and plenty of tourists, making an escape from normal all the more special.  We found our ticket out of the ordinary in Khao Yai National Park, where the remote, wild and dangerous come together in an incredible spectacle of nature.

3 Authentic Things To Do in Chiang Mai

Directly to our right sat a huge beefcake of a Russia man, adorned only in a tight speedo which left little to the imagination.  When his belly hung just right, it appeared that he wore nothing at all.  He looked to be in his late 60s and a recent graduate of a state sponsored doping program.  The cute little girl in the row behind us, no more than 3 or 4 years old, was screeching bloody murder.  She had been so adorable when she boarded our boat just an hour before.  Her father was attempting to calm her by talking loudly over the engine noise in what sounded Chinese.  He may have been yelling, but without linguistic context, it was hard to tell the difference.  The entire boat stared ahead, hoping that the next beach would have less than 1,000 other tourists.  Social media only needed one good picture to make this trip look amazing.

An Explosion of Flavor: Cooking Thai in Chiang Mai

The chef was asking us to back up.  It was hard to tell if he was serious after so much sarcasm during our class, but this time it wasn’t a joke.  The fire ball exploded from the wok, hitting the ceiling and leaving a flaming mushroom cloud above the stovetop.  This was really hot.  Even hotter than the green curry paste we had mashed by hand with ten chilies.  Maybe he was joking when telling us to add that many?

We left that day with full stomachs and something wonderful to bring along on our journey.  More than just the throbbing of our scorched tongues.