Colca Canyon Trekking: Complete How to Without a Guide

Colca Canyon offers multi-day trekking in one of the world’s deepest gorges.  Located in southern Peru, this area offers challenging hikes with many route options.  There is no need to book an expensive tour as this trek can be done cheaply and easily using this detailed planning guide.

5 Ways to Break Up the Trip From Ecuador to Lima

Many South American backpackers endure a painful 30 hour bus ride all the way from Ecuador to Lima to start their trip in Peru.  While it is true that northern Peru does not have the huge tourist draws of the south, there are still good ways to break up this trip.  We explored the northeastern part of the country and found five places to visit on your trip south.

Why Laguna 69 is the Most Underrated Hike in South America

Before traveling to Peru, the Cordillera Blanca mountain range wasn’t even on our radar.  But after completing the high altitude hike to Laguna 69 and seeing its glacier crowned electric blue waters, we can confirm that this is a hike which rivals even the most sought after routes in Patagonia like Torres del Paine.  Take a look at our photos and see why you need to add this area to your next South American adventure.