The Perfect Itinerary for Malaysia and Singapore

So you want to visit Malaysia, but where to start?  There are so many areas, and the two monsoon seasons could really put a damper on a poorly timed trip.  The Northeast Monsoon can affect Malaysia east of the peninsula from October to March, while the Southwest Monsoon affects Peninsular Malaysia from April to September.  If you are planning a visit during the Northeast time frame, we have the perfect itinerary for your trip.

6 Reasons to Put Malaysia On Your Travel List

It’s no secret, Malaysia is probably not on your top 10 travel list.  It’s ok, it certainly wasn’t on ours.  The country is often overlooked for its much visited neighbors, Thailand and Bali.  But this country is one of the most travel friendly in the world, and has the complete package to whet everyone’s appetite for a taste of Asia.