Europe Behind Us, Africa Ahead

Well that’s a wrap on Europe.  We are now off to Africa to experience some of the most amazing wildlife on earth.  Camping on the vast Serengeti, scuba diving off the coast of Zanzibar, roaming Chobe Park, taking in Victoria Falls, and hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town to name a few.  If we are lucky, we may get to experience the great wildebeest migration on the way.  We spent the last fifty-two days exploring some of the known and unknown parts of Europe.  From Iceland to Romania, we visited six countries across the continent.  Below we discuss the best and worst parts of our travels in this continent, along with some of what we learned along the way.

Hungary Adventure Stop #3: Pécs

Our third stop in Hungary took us through rolling farmland to the city of Pécs, an area has been inhabited for 6,000 years.  The land has held Celts, been ruled by the Romans, conquered by the Ottomans, and the city has been shaped by its history over the millennia.

Hungary Adventure Stop #2: Eger

Eger is the land of Hungarian wine.  Or more accurately, one of the many lands of Hungarian wine.  The town is home to the famous wine blend, Egrí Bikavér, or Bulls Blood.  The name originates from a siege on Eger by the Turkish army in the 16th century.  The Hungarian army defeated the Turks after being fed local food and wine, including red wine from the local vineyards.  The dark red blend was rumored to be mixed with bulls blood which gave the small Hungarian army the strength to defeat the much larger group of invaders.  Of all of our visits to Europe, Eger has been among the most enjoyable areas.

Hungary Adventure Stop #1: Budapest

Hungary is one of those countries with a level of mystique to conjure up a distinct image, but just obscure enough to keep it from making it on many people’s list of top destinations.  It is a country with a rich history spanning over 1000 years, with invasions by the Mongols in the the 13th century, conquering by the Turks in the 16th century, allying with the Germans in both World Wars, followed by domination from the Soviet communists until 1989.  The country has since become an amazing place to visit, and is certainly one of our favorite places in Europe.