Coffee and Hiking in Jardín, The Most Lovable Town in Colombia

You get used to seeing sombrero topped men draped in colorful woolen ponchos on the streets of Jardín.  They are typically relaxing on a corner sipping a locally grown coffee and enjoying a few hours away from the farm.  We spent several days in this mountain village during our month in Colombia, and it was amongst our favorite places to visit in the country. Read more

The Only Complete Guide to Hiking in El Cocuy National Park, Colombia

El Cocuy National Park (Parque El Cocuy) is a world class, off track wilderness reserve in the Colombian Andes.  With the influx of tourism being relatively recent, some of the most incredible destinations do not attract many visitors, meaning that now is the perfect time for your trip.  This park is far away from everything, which is what makes it so wonderful.  This is the only complete guide to hiking in El Cocuy National Park available.

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4.5 Epic Japanese Day Hikes: A Hiking Guide to Japan’s Wilderness

Wild Japan is amazingly gorgeous.  The expansive wilderness is everywhere, ranging from lush green forests to rugged volcanic peaks.  But the best part?  The country’s national parks are relatively unknown to foreigners.  These are not the National Parks in the US, where people travel from all over the world.  But the beauty of Japan outside of the cities is among the most epic, pristine and unique.  This is a hiking destination that should be on even the most avid hikers and nature lovers trekking list.

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Great Wall Trekking, Beijing and Beyond

The Great Wall snaked ahead as far as we could see, following the most difficult path across mountains with impossibly steep ridge lines.  We were trekking atop 2,200 years of history, where numerous dynasties defended the borders of modern day China.  Many phases eventually left almost 10,000 kilometers crossing the country.  It was built to stop invasion from barbarian nomads, and close to 500,000 people had died during its construction.  The very wall that had faced the Mongols now made our trail through wild North China.

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Into The Jungle: A Safari in Khao Yai, Thailand

In a country with millions of yearly visitors, is it possible to escape the tourist trail and get back to nature?  This questions was nagging us as we toured around Thailand.  This country had been amongst the most anticipated as we trekked around the world on our non-stop search for adventure.  But with such a desired destination comes a well traveled route and plenty of tourists, making an escape from normal all the more special.  We found our ticket out of the ordinary in Khao Yai National Park, where the remote, wild and dangerous come together in an incredible spectacle of nature.

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Tasmanian Camper Vancation

We pretended to be Canadian today.  At least that’s what we wish we had done in hindsight.  Our camper van died on the coast of Tasmania and we had to be rescued by an old surfer dude.  It was just us and our wheeled home on a long pull off near the ocean.  A perfectly remote spot where we could cook dinner, share some wine and sleep close enough to the ocean to catch the early sunrise over the waves.  The only problem was the van, which appeared to be built in the eighties, had no system to alert us that we had left headlights on as they drained the life from the vehicle before sunset.  Read more