The Best of East Australia: Mountains, Beaches and Reef

Eastern Australia is the perfect road trip destination with attractions conveniently spaced along the coast.  With amazing cities offering culinary delights, incredible beaches for relaxation, majestic mountains and world class scuba diving, there is something for everyone.  This is one of the most clean, friendly and efficient countries we have had the pleasure of visiting during our travels through 17 countries in 2017.

Tasmanian Camper Vancation

We pretended to be Canadian today.  At least that’s what we wished we had done in hindsight.  Our camper van died on the coast of Tasmania and we had to be rescued by an old surfer dude.  It was just us and our wheeled home on a long pull off near the ocean.  A perfectly remote spot where we could cook dinner, share some wine and sleep close enough to the ocean to catch the early sunrise over the waves.  The only problem was the van, which appeared to be built in the eighties, had no system to alert us that we had left headlights on as they drained the life from the vehicle before sunset.

5 Day Trip Itinerary on the Great Ocean Road

There is no greater contrast in travel than moving directly from a developing to a first world country.  It is easy to forget how predictable the world can be when transport works on schedule, the environment is respected and society is orderly.  We took a drive on the Great Ocean Road in Australia, exploring the coast and visiting wineries following our visits to India and Nepal.  Highlights of this itinerary include coastal serenity, wildlife, hiking and vineyards.