Cape Town: Mountains, Beaches and Vineyards

Cape Town is one of the most amazing cities in the world.  It has all of the best to offer including craggy mountains overlooking a blue ocean, incredible wineries, delicious restaurants with fresh local foods, and outdoor activities galore.  It would be easy to confuse this place with a Western city on the coast of Europe or California if it weren’t for the pockets of staggering poverty and unemployment that are present around every corner.

South Africa: Canyons, Plains and Game

South Africa has been a much different experience than the Eastern parts of the continent.  Despite widespread significant social and economic difficulties, the country has first world infrastructure making it feel a world away from our previous stops. Roads are smooth and municipal water is drinkable in the larger cities.  At times it is even possible to forget that you are traveling in Africa.

Africa: A Camping Safari From Kenya to Zimbabwe

We spent the last month experiencing one of the most incredible areas in the world. Our trip took us overland in Eastern Africa from Kenya to Zimbabwe, passing through six countries along the way.  We visited the plains of the Serengeti, saw part of the great migration in Ngorongoro Crater, tasted the tantalizing spices in Zanzibar, slept amongst the elephants in Zambia and the lions in Botswana before rafting the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls.

Africa: A Safari Through Tanzania

We spent the last three days camping in the wilderness deep in Africa.  The days were spent roaming across dusty plains in search of legendary animals.  The nights filled with the sounds of elephants, lions and hyenas.  Tanzania is home to the incredible Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater national parks, which cover vast areas of the country.  The parks are mostly untouched by man where herds of wildebeest roam, giraffes dot the horizon, and leopards nap high in the trees.