About Us


We are two professionals taking a break from our careers to explore the world.  Making this decision was important for us to ensure that we get this opportunity while we are physically and financially able.  Megan’s career is in the medical field helping trauma and surgery patients and Grant’s is in business finance.  We have explored over 50 countries on 6 continents and are excited to experience even more that the world has to offer during this adventure.  Over this continuous trip, we plan to visit an additional 30+ countries on all 7 continents.

We feel that everyone should consider what they would most regret if the opportunity were never to arise.  Too many people put off travel until retirement and miss the chance to experience all of the incredible sights and cultures around the globe.  Our decision to lose our income was difficult but something we felt called to do.  We hope that our adventure will inspire you to do the same.

We spent countless hours researching and planning for this trip over the leading year and learned a lot through the process.  It was difficult to find information which could help with our particular situation since we are not fresh out of college and not retiring.  There are many sites with information on packing, flights, and travel insurance, but few also discuss pre-planning and how to discuss this decision with your employer.  We have created Career Break Adventures blog to record our adventures and to share with others the items and processes which helped us along the way.

Check out our first blog post for more on the decision to break from our careers to travel!  Also be sure to visit our pre-planning guide and round the world packing list to help you prepare to live a life with purpose.

Megan and Grant


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